Hi, I am Oxytocin I am your Love Hormone!

Oxytocin can help us bond with our loved ones and it can be released through touch, music, exercise and other self-soothing practices.


Giving someone a massage, cuddling, making love, giving someone a hug leads to higher levels of this hormone and a greater sense of well-being.


Music also seems to have the ability to increase oxytocin levels, especially when people sing in a group, which adds the element of bonding.


You can do, yoga for an hour, cardio or aerobics, brisk walking or jogging everyday or practice meditation to boost oxytocin naturally.

Self-soothing practices

Eating dinner with a friend, seeing your mom, spending time with your children, playing with your pet and getting a massage are some of the self soothing practices.


Avocados, spinach, watermelon, green tea, broccoli, orange juice, chia seeds and dark chocolate are some of the food items to boost oxytocin.