Signs You have a Narcissistic Wound from Childhood

A narcissistic wound refers to the trauma that we acquire as a subject of abuse from childhood. These wounds are from someone who is a narcissist or had narcissistic tendencies.

1) You attract emotionally manipulative friends and partners in your life

This is because you have developed a pattern to adjust with narcissistic relationships.

2) You expect a lot from people

Just how your parents expected more from you, and that's how you demand from yourself & others.

3) You can't say "No" to people

You become a people pleaser as you were punished in childhood for disagreeing with your parents.

4) You set really high benchmarks for yourself

To prove that you are powerful, you set yourself a bar which is very high. This is self torture.

5) You can't tolerate criticism from people

When someone shows even a slightest hint of dislike, it upsets you a lot.

If you can relate to this, understand that in order to heal it's best to:

– Treat yourself with compassion and forgiveness instead of punishing yourself. – Be positive, give up the idea that you'll ever receive love from a narcissist in your life.