That Prevents You to Live Fully

Children may go through a range of experiences that classify as psychological trauma; these might include neglect, abandonment, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and physical abuse

Types of Childhood Trauma

1) Bullying 2) Community violence 3) Complex trauma 4) Disasters 5) Physical abuse 6) Early childhood trauma

Rejection Trauma

– You easily make negative assumptions about what others are thinking. – You are a people pleaser. – You have a hard time trusting people. – You find compromising very difficult.

Abandonment Trauma

– Fear of being left behind or abandoned. – Inability to form healthy relationships in teenage years. – Low self-esteem. – Anxiety and insecurity.

Betrayal Trauma

– Trouble in recognizing,    expressing or managing    emotions. – Anxiety, depression and other    mental health symptoms. – Panic attacks and nightmares.

Injustice Trauma

– Disorientation and short attention span. – You feel fatigued and drained. – Isolating and cutting oneself off from resources. – Unpredictable and irrational emotions.