Types of Toxic People

You Must Avoid At All Cost!

They make you feel tense. They put you down for no reason. Can't be happy for other's good fortune.

The Energy Drainer

The Fake Complimentor

Gives you fake compliments. Lacks empathy. Puts you in uncomfortable positions.

The Pessimist

Talks down to you to make themselves feel better. Only cares about themselves. Tries to talk you out of your dreams.

The Criticiser

Doesn't support you in your decisions. Criticizes every move you make. Makes you feel like you can't do anything right.

The Manipulator

Tries to control everything. Pretends to like you and other people. Wants to make every decision for themselves and others.

The Victim

Blames others for their misfortune. Constantly seeks attention from others. Talks mainly about their excuses for failing.