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How to Change Your Mindset?

How to Change Your Mindset?

Updated on May 27, 2022

Reviewed by Rebecca Deltoro, BS (Psychology) , Psychologist (Provisional)

How To Change Your Mindset - 25 Ways to Make It Happen

How to change your mindset? – the question may take a moment. However, the answer can change your life. In various aspects of life, what do you find as the driving force? Can you control it? Let’s see.

‘The mind is everything. What you think, you become.’

– Buddha

Thus, it is clear. Your mindset designs your life. So, be it your professional life or the emotional front, having positive mindsets can make a difference. Now, the question is – ‘How to change your mindset?’. Here, let’s dig into the answer.

How to Change Your Mindset
How to Change Your Mindset

Do You Need to Change Your Mindset?

To grow in life, it is quite important to have the right mindset. Often, a negative mindset is the crux of all troubles. But are you able to identify if you have the right mindset or not? Here are the steps leading to this basic realization –

  • Find a personal time for self-exploration. 
  • Sit down and don’t take any stress.
  • Take a paper and a pen.
  • Write down the goals of your past, present, and future. These can be both short-term and long-term ones. Like, you planned to wake up at 6’O O’clock and workout yesterday or want to start working upon your side hustle. 
  • Now, honestly ask if you are accomplishing most of these goals? This must include both smaller and bigger ones. 
  • If yes, then you are on your way. If not, then it needs a change in your mindset. 

That’s it, simple! Apart from this, you can also see the signs pointing to a need to change your mindset.

Signs that You should Change Your Mindset

  1. You generally focus on the cons of everything. 
  2. You are ALWAYS unsatisfied. Thus, you are not feeling happy even after something good.
  3. Regular conflicts with others.
  4. Take everything as a burden.
  5. Have a ‘victim’ stance. 

If this is your case, take your step to a better mindset. Now, let’s see how to change your mindset and grow!

How to Change Your Mindset?

‘You either control your mind or it controls you.’

– Napoleon Hill

By changing your mindset, you can change your life. And the good news is – changing your mindset is within your hands. Here are the 25 Ways to Change Your Mindset to Positive

1. Acknowledge the need to change

Firstly, you need to realize that trying to improve your mindset is good. It’s NOT AT ALL unliking yourself. Instead, it is like embracing your better self. So, if you find a need to change your mindset, don’t ignore it. We all need constant improvement. It’s just that.  

2. ‘Why do you want to change?’- ask yourself.

This is critical. But to have clarity, you need to ask this. Often people put the reason as something arbitrary. But this is short-term motivation. You need to look deeper. Like, instead of – ‘I want something of my own,’ have ‘I want to to have an online startup.’ 

3. Identify your goals and dreams

Find out the area of your life you want to change. This will lead you to build the required mindset. Figuring out your goals can be a good way for this. You can write down all your goals and dreams and then see what lacks in the way. 

4. Notice the counter mindset

Counter mindsets can be taken as ‘Automatic Negative Thoughts’ or ANTs. That is, the mindset you are trying to change. Often, we tend to see negatives in everything. This is to be addressed in the beginning. 

For this, try to see your negative thoughts, such as self-doubt, guilt, blaming, comparison, etc. So, whatever the stance is, try to note this counter mindset. By and by, you will see a drop fall in these negative thoughts. 

5. Flip your take for the situation

This exercise is one of the most recommended ones by experts. Whenever you notice a wrong situation, try to flip your take. Like, if you are upset, think that you are feeling happy.  

For instance, if you didn’t get selected in an interview, instead of being upset, see its pros. Tell yourself – ‘Maybe, I deserve something bigger and better.’ And make it a part of your belief system. 

6. Motivate yourself in various ways

These can be some simple activities. Like, you can read motivational books, articles, and journals, listen to self-help podcasts, watch motivating videos, interviews, etc. Basically, try to fill your empty space with motivation. This will build your willpower to change your mindset.

7. Be prepared for failure

Yes, you read it right. It is crucial to accept failure since it is inevitable. So, what’s the point in trying hard? It is because your counter mindset makes you end up like a failure. But when instead of getting devastated you accept it, you are ready to rise above it. 

8. Prepare an action plan

Now, when you know your goal, have the motivation, and everything, get a full action plan ready in your hand. Write it down or type it. Basically, have a clear idea of what actions you will be taking to achieve your goal. This may take some time but is actually worth it.

9. Observe your self-talk

Have you ever noticed the one who always judges you? Yes, it’s your very own self. As per the experts, your self-talk involves a great deal of your mindset. So, notice how you respond to yourself. Paying attention to this will let you change for the better.

10. Change to positive talk

Positive self-talk makes you mentally strong. So practice it over and over in a correcting way. So, if your mind says, ‘I will fail this interview’, hear it as, ‘I will win!’. And repeat it both verbally and non-verbally. This will eventually lead to positive conditioning. 

11. Surround yourself with like-minded people

Okay, this is really important. We have a great influence on the people around us. So, it’s better to be surrounded by ones who are already having the mindset you want to have. Hence, avoid toxic people and be there with positive ones.

12. Acknowledge the good things around you

To have a positive mindset, it is important to have a positive vision. So, start acknowledging good things around you. Be grateful for what you have in your ways and actions. You can even have a gratitude journal or something like that. 

13. Maintain a journal or diary about the things you did towards your wanted mindset

This will let you have track of this wonderful journey. Also, it will build your willpower and thought process in the long term. This adds to your healthy mindset

14. Write every day about your pros and cons

Maintain a diary or grab a notebook, whatever is your way. Make two rows, one for pros and another for cons. Then mention all the pros and cons you find in yourself. Regularly writing it will help you address it. You will see the difference soon.

15. Make daily mini-goals

Your mindset is not built in a single day. It takes a daily approach to achieve your goals. So, try to have a regular cycle of positive practices.

For this, make your daily goals. You can divide your big goal into more accessible units. Like, if you want to lose 8 pounds of your weight in a month, begin with a daily workout of half an hour to lose some calories. 

16. Mirror talk

Mirror talk is considered a great practice of self-growth. In this activity, try to speak about anything or talk to yourself through a mirror. This makes you stronger mentally. Also, it is effective in bringing the needful change in your mindset. 

17. Challenge yourself

Often, our unconscious minds work better for a challenge to reciprocate it than a daily goal. So, you can start challenging yourself. This should and must involve challenges that ask you to step out of your comfort zone. 

For example, if you are an introvert, try to speak with people. Or, try something new that you are nervous about. This lets you rise above your fear which is the core of building a mindset. 

18. Make a morning schedule for the right start

For the right start, start at the right time. Your life goal depends upon your daily achievements which depend upon your morning schedule. So, to have the right track of the cycle, begin right. 

Don’t wake up tired, bored, and frustrated. Instead, wake up early and enjoy the beauty of the new day. You can work out, meditate, read, write, etc. Just make good use of it. 

19. Try to speak the positive language

When you speak, you unconsciously feed your mind. Choosing the right language is, thus, critical to your development. So, use positive words.

Like, instead of saying – ‘I can’t do this,’ say – ‘I can do this, maybe after some time.’ There are tons of instances when you can choose such empowering language. Go for it and remove the ‘n’ words from your list. 

20. Connect to positive media

Nowadays, our mind is much influenced by the media we consume. Voluntarily or not, you come across it. So, it’s crucial to consume the right media.

It includes social media platforms, movies, web series, songs, or anything. Just make sure that it adds to your positive mindset or at least, don’t deteriorate it. 

21. Learn something new

Your overall personality and mindset are complimentary. So, when you learn something new to add to your personal growth, you simultaneously improve your mindset. Learning something new may have nothing productive.

Like, it can be sketching, a new language, dancing, a sport, coding, etc. This also adds to your abstract intelligence that helps you build a strong thought process.

22. Show your love for yourself

This is an important step, especially when you find troubles like self-doubt and blame. Psychologists suggest that loving yourself, having self-compassion and self-acceptance is an essential part of self-growth. So, don’t push hard against yourself. 

Your problem is your mindset, not you. You can pamper yourself by eating your favorite food, having a good time at your preferred place, or pursuing any enjoyable hobby. Develop a sense of self-worth. Without this, everything is worthless. 

23. Meditate & have healthy lifestyle

Having a healthy body is as essential as having a healthy mind. This is why a healthy lifestyle is considered the first step in your growth. For this, experts find meditation as a great way to have physical and mental well-being. 

So, practicing this, you can surely have a wonderful inward experience. You can meditate with the help of a guide or even go for it on your own. Just be consistent.

24. Give the world

When you want to improve your mindset, broadening your perspective is an essential part of it. Sharing or helping others can make you feel more content and positive. This will lead you to your way of growth. 

For this, share what you have with the needy. Be kind to others. Have a positive vision. Instead of blaming, assume positive intent. This will make a positive aura around you.

25. Create a growing-fixing jar

This activity is even more helpful to keep an eye on your mindset. To be clear, it lets you know if you are on the right track even after you have accomplished the point. For this, have a glass jar or a box or something like that. 

Now, whenever you find something difficult or disturbing, write on a blue chit and put it in it. When you feel great or strong, write on a yellow chit and put it in it. At the end of each week, check the jar.

If there is nothing, it’s neutral. If the blue chits are less than 50%, it’s mediocre. But if it’s equal or even more than the yellow ones, see it as a warning. You need to start your positive mindset routine again. So the practice is not for a goal but for a better life. 

Following these ways, you will surely change your mindset for good. Move ahead!

Science Behind ‘How to Change Your Mindset?’

Changing your mindset may seem like a simple life practice but it is actually backed by Science. Let’s see the science behind this amazing practice. Here are its important aspects.

How mindsets are formed?

Mindsets are basically the result of our conscious and unconscious conditioning. As a person, we undergo certain social, personal, and cultural experiences that form our attitude and result in a mindset. 

Can we REALLY change our mindset?

Yes, we can. According to Ivan Pavlov’s ‘Classical Conditional Learning’ process, we can acquire new habits, skills, and practices by conditioning. This turns into your mindset. Also, it is proved now that the adult brain is capable of growing new cells. This means one can actually change his/her mindset.

The Process of Changing Mindset: how does the brain work?

As the theory of neuroplasticity explains, the brain works to form new neural connections throughout its life. Also, it says that due to the changes in one’s life experiences, neural pathways of the brain also change.

Thus, by growing skills, capabilities, and habits, one can actually develop the brain and hence, improve the mindset.

How does fear influence the mindset of neurotic people? People with Neuroticism as a personality trait tend to experience feelings such as fear, anxiety, depression, frustration, etc. more than others. As experts suggest, such people prefer failure over the fear of uncertainty.

So, when this anxiety of safety is high, people tend to freeze. This phenomenon is known as neurotic fear. Thus, their mindsets instantly stop growing in the influence of fear. Laziness, lack of willpower, procrastination, etc., are the results of this.

Growth Mindset Vs Fixed Mindset

When you ask – how to change your mindset, you actually mean to change the fixed mindset to the growth one. A fixed mindset may let you be static at your cons or weaknesses. While a growth mindset helps you grow for positive reasons. 

According to Carol Dwek, in certain cases, fixed mindset people are more vulnerable towards a negative approach compared to the growth mindset of people. Let’s see how –

Growth MindsetFixed Mindset
A growth mindset can also be taken as an abundant mindset. This is the positive approach towards everything. A fixed mindset or the scarcity mindset can be understood as the mindset which doesn’t always support growth.
Understanding that you can develop your mental abilities throughout your life.The illusion that your abilities are fixed. You can’t develop them.
Talent or skills are not inborn but acquired.Talents and skills are inborn.
Mostly, you take things in a positive and abundant light. This is because you believe that you can always improve.You might take things as scarce or negative and it may lead to dissatisfaction within you. This is because you believe that your abilities are fixed and can’t be improved.
Some instances are – learning new things, being happy, taking on new challenges, growing in your career, etc.Instances – not trying to improve, blaming, being angry or upset, having internal and external conflicts, etc.
Growth Mindset Vs Fixed Mindset

So, it is clear that your focus should be on having a growth mindset and avoiding a fixed mindset in such circumstances where the latter one can harm you.

Also, it is crucial to remember that the fixed mindset and the growth mindset are not necessarily negative and positive respectively.

In fact, most of the time, people are a mixed combination of both mindsets. Thus, it is important to understand what growth mindset actually refers to.

False growth or hidden static Often, people aren’t able to identify the disguised fixed mindset. This is known as a false growth or hidden static mindset. It is when you think that you are growing at your own speed but in reality, it is just an illusion.

Some signs of this are – declining a failure, having goals that are almost inaccessible with the output you are giving, etc. This needs to be addressed to utilize your time and effort.

Benefits of Changing Mindset

‘Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.’ –

Steve Marabolii

In order to achieve your goals, for growing, and having a content life; a positive mindset is crucial. Its benefits can be seen in each and every sphere of your life. You can understand it hereby. 

Professional Front

  1. In your work front, having a growth mindset is crucial for your career growth and success. 
  2. Be it, entrepreneurs, corporate employees, or other professionals, this can be highly beneficial for you.
  3. As all businesses, customers, and markets evolve over time, a growth mindset is critical in acing the field. 
  4. With this ability, one will easily adapt to growing trends, technologies, and market demands. For example, a writer with a growth mindset will adopt the new trends of SEO, affiliate links, digitization, etc. On the other hand, a fixed mindset person will not try to grow with technological advancements and lose his/her business. 

Personal Front

  1. In your personal sphere, a positive mindset can help you have mental and emotional growth. 
  2. With this, you can develop a willingness or desire to make your life better,
  3. This boosts your dedication and hard work.
  4. Also, the mindset can make you more persevere and resilient.
  5. Hence, you can live life at its fullest with a growth mindset.

Thus, changing your mindset can be quite beneficial in various aspects of your life. For growth in any field, that is, professional, social, mental, emotional, spiritual, changing your mindset is essential.

Final Thoughts

‘Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.’

– Rumi

We often try to change everything around us but our mindsets. This leads to all the troubles. Every power of the universe is within the spheres of your mind. 

But its realization depends upon you. So, all you have to do is ask yourself how can you change your mindset? The answer is here. Just adopt it and get ready to excel in every aspect of your life. 

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