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Quick Mantras For Anxiety

Quick Mantras For Anxiety

Updated on May 27, 2022

Reviewed by Rebecca Deltoro, BS (Psychology) , Psychologist (Provisional)

22 Mantras for Anxiety and Calming Mantra for Anxiety

Mantras for anxiety help accept the fact that life is rarely a bed of roses. There are ups and downs in life. At some point in life, we all go through a bad phase. It could be at work or in the family. But bad times bring challenges and these challenges can lead to panic attacks, unwanted anxiety, etc.

Little by little, it takes a toll on the mental health of the individual. The right thing to do during such times is to get a hold of your senses and realign your mind to look at the positives. How does one do it? The simple answer to this question lies in mantras for anxiety

There are many ways to relax the mind when you are struggling with anxiety. Some people choose to exercise, others listen to music, or even prefer binge-watching on the internet. One can choose the mechanism that best works for them. However, mantras are simple yet extremely effective. 

Quick Mantras For Anxiety
Quick Mantras For Anxiety

How Can Mantras Help?

Mantras can help tackle anxiety. They are a great coping mechanism because it diverts the mind to see the larger picture and tide over the situation. Even therapists swear by the effectiveness of mantras and how they help in relaxing a calming mind.

The mantras when recited nudge the mind to focus and therefore help it to overcome the anxiety. When practiced regularly, mantras become a habit or a healthy addiction. They help in building confidence and strengthening the overall personality of the individual.

Mantras for Anxiety

As we said, mantras are extremely helpful. Here is a look at some easy mantras that you need to adapt in life to keep anxiety at bay. Remember there are many mantras for anxiety, you just need to find out what best suits your requirements.

1) Face the fear

Each time you get anxiety attacks, tell your mind to face the fear. Look it in the eye. Repeatedly ask yourself why you fear it. Get to the root cause, address the concerns and you will notice that the fear disappears. 

2) You are not alone

One of the reasons why people get anxiety attacks is that they overthink the impact of the situation. The purpose of any mantra for anxiety is to convince the mind that you are not alone, irrespective of the situation. Not being the only one is excellent comfort for the mind.

3) It will all pass

Nothing is ever permanent in life. If you are going through troubled times today, there is hope that tomorrow will be better. You just need to be able to see the other side of the story. So, when you have an anxiety attack, convince yourself that this is just a phase, it will pass. 

4) All is well

Every situation has a certain positive. But there are times when we are so overburdened by the negativity in life that we refuse to see the positivity. Even when an individual gets anxious, he or she must find solace in the fact that things will get better soon. This gives us hope to work towards improving the situation. 

5) Change is the only constant

Nothing lasts forever-this is the big truth of life. While you may end up being anxious about an outcome, you need to understand that this will not be permanent. 

6) I am strong 

Anxiety ends up getting the better of our minds when we give up. But why should we give up? Tell yourself that you are strong enough to make the best of any situation. 

7) Keep calm 

Often being nervous leads to a loss of temper in many individuals. When a person loses his or her temper, they end up making decisions in a hurry. This is when they make mistakes. Teach yourself to remain calm each time you start getting anxious.

8) Accept failure 

Our anxiety stems from our inability to control the outcome. If the outcome is not in our favor, the anxiety quadruples into a serious mental health issue. One needs to understand that failure is normal, it is just a part of the learning curve. 

9) It’s never too late to try

Sometimes, we are so anxious that we are hesitant to work towards improving the situation. Do not let this happen. Each individual must appreciate their inner strength and be willing to try to succeed, irrespective of the number of times that they fail.

10) Be happy 

Life is in the present. Worrying about the past or the future will only stop you from enjoying the present. So, do not let the worries take hold of your ability to live a happy life. 

Some More Calming Mantra for Anxiety

In this section, we take a look at such simple mantras. They are not just words or phrases, these are powerful mantras that can give you strength from within when recited with a firm belief. 

11) I love myself

Another powerful mantra, this one talks about appreciating your qualities, ability to handle the situation. The routine for this mantra could be something as simple as saying – I love myself and then going on to appreciate the little things that you do.

Take 10 minutes daily to do this appreciation. You could do it first thing in the morning or the last thing before you fall asleep every night.

12) Be thankful

Shukran- an Arabic word beautifully explains this concept. The idea is to be thankful for the little joys in life. It could be anything your favorite meal or your new dress.

In every language, there exists a word for being thankful! So, you can easily use this mantra and say thank you. Once you start being thankful, you learn that life is beyond all bad things only. 

13) Let your worries go

We end up being obsessed with our worries. So much so, that we forget to live our lives. Each one of us needs to understand that the worries are not permanent. There is a life beyond these concerns as well.

14) It is only a moment of suffering

It is normal to experience highs and lows in life. But suffering should be your only focus in life. Remember any suffering that you experience is only temporary. Look at it as a moment of suffering and give yourself the compassion as well as care that you deserve.

15) I can survive

This is a very crucial mantra that can work in any problem, not just anxiety. The trick is to remind the mind that you are always bigger than any fear or worry that plagues your mind.

Repeat this mantra each time you get anxiety attacks. Soon, you will realize that the courage to overcome anxiety has always been inside you.

16) You can’t meet all expectation

It is normal for people to expect different things. You should work towards meeting the expectations of people that matter. But if you are not able to meet some expectations, it is okay. Please understand the inability to meet expectations is not the end of the world.

17) I will be calm

Anxiety disrupts our ability to think clearly. We are scared and often overlook the obvious effects. This mantra is all about teaching the mind to stay calm. This will help the individual to think clearly.

Once he or she is able to think clearly, they will find a way to overcome the anxiety attacks. 

18) Anxiety is normal

Being anxious is normal. As long as you treat it as the normal nervousness to be able to do good or achieve more. This mantra teaches the mind to look at anxiety as a normal course of action for the body. The mantra focuses on normalizing the situation and prevents anxiety levels from increasing. 

19) Let your worries go

We end up being obsessed with our worries. So much so, that we forget to live our lives. Each one of us needs to understand that the worries are not permanent. There is a life beyond these concerns as well.

20) I am capable

Anxiety often stems from concerns about your ability to do the task. Don’t let these concerns overshadow your clarity of thoughts. Always have confidence in your capabilities, it will give you the determination to complete every task at hand.

Meditation Mantras for Anxiety

There are some meditation mantras too that can help you tide over the tough times. In this section, we take a look at two simple mantras. They are not just words or phrases, these are powerful mantras that can give you strength from within when recited with a firm belief.

21) Om

This is a universal mantra but the chant is extremely powerful. You need to simply recite this mantra on a daily basis. Start your meditation by reciting this mantra and succumb to its positive vibes. You will notice the difference in a few days.

22) The Tibetan Mantra

Om Mani Padme Hum- the popular mantra of those who believe in the Tibetan monks. The entire focus of the mantra is to teach the mind to calm its nerves and be in control of the situation always.

Here is an interesting video for Affirmations for Anxiety and to calm down –

Affirmations for Anxiety and to calm down


Mantras for anxiety are an excellent tool that can help combat fear and unnecessary concerns. You can use spiritual mantras or karmic ones, it all depends on what suits your requirements.

These mantras are easy to recite and so easier to adapt. They help the mind to remain calm and use their inner strengths to combat their fears.

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