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Pornography Addiction – Understanding all about it

Pornography Addiction – Understanding all about it

Updated on Jul 20, 2022

Pornography Addiction - Meaning, Signs, Ways to Deal & So Much More

Key Takeaways

  • Pornography addiction is a compulsive and irresistible behavior directed towards watching porn or erotic stuff.
  • Porn addiction is addictive because the person can’t stop the unhealthy behavior even if he/she wants to.
  • The person loses interest in all daily activities and hobbies.
  • Neglecting personal care and damaging social relationships are common signs.
  • The treatment options include psychodynamic psychotherapy, Cognitive behavior therapy, and medications.

Are you feeling a compulsion to watch porn and find it difficult to stop? Do you feel dependent and obsessed with visuals of sexuality and nudity?

Therefore like any form of addiction, Pornography addiction is an unhealthy behavior pattern, though it is not a diagnosable mental health issue.

There are symptoms that you may be having an issue with. You may be pondering whether this has reached an excessive level of addiction. 

This type of addictive behavior is mentally taxing because you will not be able to stop, once started. It is an excessive fixation and out-of-control liking that is hard to get rid of.

Let’s go through what we mean by porn addiction and how it affects functioning in everyday life.

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Pornography addiction – meaning

Pornography addiction is an unhealthy fixation on watching sexual subject matter for the purpose of sexual arousal and pleasure. This behavior is addictive as it is difficult to stop, and the person gets hooked to such actions very soon.

The depiction of erotic material and sexual content in books and magazines, television and the internet, photographs, and video clips easily interests the addictive person.

According to Britannica, the term pornography means representing erotic and sexual scenes of lovemaking, nude pictures, or video clippings that are meant to excite a person sexually.

Another definition suggests pornography as “sexually explicit videos, photographs, writings, or the like, whose purpose is to elicit sexual arousal.”

Thus, pornography addiction is a type of sexual addiction that refers to a wide category or range of behaviors in excess and impacts one’s life in a very negative manner. 

“Porn addiction” is not a diagnosis stated in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-V (DSM-5). 

There is a multitude of research that suggests that porn addiction can be detrimental and lead to bad effects in many areas of an individual’s life. 

Therefore Pornography addiction is an addiction model of repetitive sexual behaviors with the frequent use of explicit sexual material as suggested by the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11)

Pornography addiction gives erotic pleasure to the person. It induces feelings of arousal and thus the addictive person craves seeing erotic pictures and videos.

Their need to watch such videos is intense and they can’t stop doing it even if they try hard. You can say that it gets into a stage of obsession.

The pornography addict is overtaken by their constant urge to watch porn. This impacts relationships, workplace habits, and many other areas of life.

Sometimes you may find a porn addict looking at nude pictures in public places like parks, pubs, malls, at work, etc.

The addiction brings a fixated state of mind that leads to a constant urge. This urge forces the person to watch even in social places where such behaviors are totally unacceptable.

Pornography addiction reduces sexual satisfaction and hampers close relationships between partners.

Why is pornography addictive?

Pornography is addictive because it is hard to get rid of. Moreover, the addict derives an unhealthy sexual satisfaction. The erotic stuff stimulates brain centers and the dependence goes on increasing day by day

You may find it interesting to know that like alcohol or drugs, pornography also acts as an addictive substance in the brain. 

Even though the age restriction is above the age of 18 to watch porn sites, it can have a very powerful effect on some people.

Research has been conducted and also there have also been several studies exploring the etiology or causal factors of pornography.

The results of these studies were very shocking. Neuro-imaging studies of individuals who regularly see internet pornography reveal a spark in the brain region that is the Nucleus Accumben area. 

This is similar to a craving for alcohol and various drugs cocaine, heroin, and nicotine.

Watching pornography, which in time becomes repeated behavior or a compulsive activity, triggers the pleasure brain areas as other addictive substances such as drugs and alcohol. 

So, you can see that those who see themselves as performing frequent self-stimulating sexual actions such as masturbation showed more activity in the brain than those who do not engage in such behaviors.

You may now know why the repetitive and frequent watching of pornography and self-stimulating sex activities is potentially a strong sensation just like substance abuse, drug or alcohol abuse.

10 signs of pornography addiction

There are many ways to identify porn addiction manifestation in a person. The major warning signs are described below:-

1. Loss of Attraction

You sometimes feel that you are unattractive or your partner is not so good-looking. Therefore porn addiction can give you a false beauty standard for you and your intimate partner. 

Doing this, it can make your partner feel insecure. This, in turn, creates a big problem for their concept.

2. Loss of attention

You might feel an urgent need to watch porn at different times in the day.

Your mind might shift to thinking of porn when you’re with family and friends or at office meetings. In this way you find yourself getting detached from the daily works of life. 

This may be due to porn addiction. This can have a bad impact on personal and social life.

This may be a cause of getting aloof from your beloved. It can hinder their attempts to feel involved with you.

3. Loss of productive time

Viewing porn may give pleasure but it takes away your time. There is a loss of a large amount of time watching porn.

Hence you are wasting most of your time without being productive. 

Lethargy sets in and you feel you have no will to go to other works. Lack of interest in other activities and doing basic household chores becomes a pain.

4. Loss of patience

When you are told to do activities you feel irritated. Also when you cannot watch porn you feel disturbed and angry as you feel the cravings. 

You become easily angry when porn is not available or when people are present.

You may find that you are becoming impatient and losing your cool, especially when there are hindrances in your life that make it difficult to watch porn. 

This can lead to poor inter-partner relationships and frequent fights and conflicts. This can have a bad impact on mental health.

5. Unrealistic ideas about sex

Porn addiction has been known to create some mistaken ideas about sex not occurring in real life.

You might develop high hopes about sex and become more wanting in your conjugal life. 

If it is not satisfied you get upset and find yourself not satisfied. Due to this your partner will suffer from low self-esteem and be emotionally distant.

This can upset your intimate life.

6. Loss of communication

When you are not able to stop watching pornography, even when you are trying your level best it can be quite distressing. 

Since you have problems stopping, you will soon realize that you are hooked on watching porn.

This will slowly distance you from people. You may soon lose communication and connection with them. 

7. Abdominal or other pains

An important side-effect of watching too much porn is physical pain. This may be due to too much masturbation. 

Also, the pain may be due to the repetition of certain movements in the sex organ for long periods. 

With too much computer usage to watch porn, there is a high chance of hand, neck, and back, pain due to strain, or the person may have headaches, or have strained eyes.

8. You’re losing money

It’s feasible that you’ve started spending money on what you think is better fine content. Whilst this takes place, you can speedily start falling into a few forms of economic worry. 

This will reflect such as you complaining about more cash problems but being unwilling to reveal the exact nature of those issues.

9. You always want more

Being an addict, you could experience cravings to view a lot of porn, or experience immense desires when you have long gone without porn for any amount of time. 

Moreover, you could find yourself sneaking far away from your family to any other place at home.

You may deliver an excuse or deny any such behavior while being questioned by your family members.

10. You’ve lost interest in actual sexual activity

If you feel that you’re hooked on porn, you’ll probably become bored with actual sex. You need to discover that your intimate partner is less attractive than they were before. 

As a result of this, you may end up resenting any romantic feelings from your lover. This is a serious issue. This can cause your lover to see you as distant and not interesting. 

This may frustrate them too much when they are trying to establish a bond with you sexually.

Sometimes you may also require extra sensations than you had formerly needed for you to end up aroused or reach that sexual satisfaction.

Causes of pornography addiction

Porn addiction is a major issue in the medical and mental health community. There is no properly delineated cause found. 

It has a wide range of causal factors and not just one particular cause. Research has found certain possible clues in the major causes of this repetitive sexual behavioral addiction. 

Mentioned below are the primary causal factors that may lead to porn addiction:

1. Chemical imbalance

Certain essential chemical substances like serotonin and nor-epinephrine that manage your moods are involved in pornography addiction.

Higher levels of these have a major effect on compulsive sexual behavior such as porn addiction.

2. Changes in the brain network 

When you get addicted, it can alternate the way circuits function in your brain. The different pathways get affected. 

Therefore, like a compulsive addiction, you will have to see porn again and again like a repertoire to get the best level of pleasure.

3. Brain disease

Several brain diseases such as seizures, epilepsy, dementia, and also the treatment for Parkinson’s with the neurotransmitter called dopamine, may result in damage to the part of your brain that regulates sexual behavior. 

As these parts control sexuality, a change in the functioning of these parts can increase the chances of irresponsible sexual behavior.

4. Ease of access 

Due to the easy availability of the internet in homes, workplaces, and other public places, pornography exposure has increased.

Internet pornography is easy to access because it is time-friendly and hassle-free.

5. Privacy 

Having a private space for viewing porn has made this addiction much easier. Nowadays people have become more secretive. Hence these compulsive behaviors are being maintained.

6. Cultural impacts

Dangerous or unrealistic societal and cultural attitudes about sexual intercourse may contribute to immense pornography use.

7. Dating problems and relationship issues

A few people may additionally view pornography when they’re suffering from sexual issues or dissatisfaction with their real-life relationships. This is a common driving factor in porn addiction.

If you are the one not happy with your private life or have sexual dysfunction prevalent in the relationship, it can drive pornography addiction.

8. Other reasons

The repetitive sexual behavior such as porn addiction can also be due to:

  • Having a history of infant physical or sexual abuse
  • Drug or alcohol-related problems, or early exposure to these issues by having family members who have these.
  • Certain mental health problems such as pervasive mood disorders like major depressive disorders, mania, or a gambling addiction disorder
  • Family conflict also plays an active part in compulsive sexual behavior. This may be due to a lack of attention, and miscommunication which the child.
  • Lack of enough healthy sex education at home during the growing up years of the child. Maybe in-house, sexual discussions were prohibited due to a lack of awareness and knowledge sharing with parents.

Female pornography addiction

Although men and women are grossly affected by pornography, there seems to be a double standard issue regarding the social biases of the use of pornography amongst girls. 

For plenty of people, pornography is permissible for men as men are superior. So to express sexual behaviors however for ladies is incorrect. 

Women’s sexuality represents being immoral and sinful. A result of this double standard philosophy is that there are a few studies that highlight the use of internet pornography by women.

This stigma or taboo surrounding a girl’s use of pornography also often leads them to have mixed emotions of guilt and isolation or a sense of insecurity. 

With those stigmas and immense taboos which stop the verbal exchange about porn amongst girls. 

It was noticed that girls analyzed greater the connections between sexual addictions and varieties of sexual assault. 

Studies have also shown that viewing porn had a distinct impact on young girls and boys than on adult men and women.

So now you understand those women who view pornography are prone to poor body or self-acceptance and this leads to stress to carrying out pornographic acts. 

This may be giving rise to rape ideations, enjoying sexual assault, resorting to family violence, and also experiencing or finding happiness in marital rape. 

Various studies have suggested that the taboo against women and sexual dreams further intensifies emotions of guilt, doubt, and shame for being addicted to pornography.

There exists a mystery dependency on addictions since it gives a unique pleasure. Such pleasures get reinforced by various factors. These have a cruel impact on the individual’s life.

Internet pornography addiction

There is a term called problematic pornography viewing, which is known as internet pornography. This is difficult for the person to avoid because it is addictive by nature. 

For too much viewing of erotic messages on the internet, the addict may find this easy to access. 

Many personal or social interests come at stake due to excessive viewing of porn stuff.

Moreover, excessive time spent viewing pornography rather than interacting with others leads to procrastination. 

Individuals may additionally suffer from mental health disorders like depression, or other problems like social isolation, unemployment, poor performance, or financial drawbacks because of their intense desires to watch pornographic material.

Thus this destroys their social and personal life.

Online porn sex, also known as virtual sex addiction or cybersex, is a new concept of the modern era. There are many pornographic websites available. 

People from all around the world can have conversations and engage in virtual sex. This creates a risk of dependency on the users. 

It corresponds to using the net to interact in diverse pleasurable sexual sports activities, among which stands the use of pornography which is the most famous activity with an endlessly wide variety of sexual conditions available. 

Persistent use in this fashion occasionally results in monetary, job-related, and courting or inter-personal problems or private issues, resulting in various terrible outcomes.

The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) medically reviewed that there is less evidence to describe the phenomenon of watching porn or sex addiction or being a sex addict as a mental illness or a form of the disorder. 

Research suggested that labeling porn to be a type of problematic behavior is false as it suggests dangerous ideas about one’s sexuality. 

There are many ongoing studies that view that people’s attitude toward pornography nowadays plays the largest part in determining the amount of stress that it creates.

 Pornography addiction treatment

If you think that your porn viewing has become obsessive, and this is creating issues with how you think and understand yourself, you are not alone.

There are many others whose long-term addictive behaviors have impacted their ability to function properly in every aspect of their lives. 

Problems are mainly seen in their relationships, at the office, and in other aspects. This is when you know that you need help in resolving the situation and contact treatment facilities.

Since porn addiction is not thought of as a serious mental illness, many holistic solutions or effective treatment programs provide relief for the negative side- effects of continuous porn usage.

 The addiction treatments are as follows:-

1. Medical treatment

The American society of addiction medicine suggests that medical advice is needed in extreme cases of extensive pornography use. 

Pharmacological treatment for problematic pornography plans has been largely based on treating co-existing mental health conditions and medical conditions. 

These are focused on excess sex or obsessive sexual behaviors with SSRIs or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

2. Group Therapy

Engaging with others and experiencing emotional closeness is an effective device in assisting a person with this form of porn dependency.  

Various theorists suggest that trauma-focused methods are also beneficial to discover how trauma might have affected the individual’s experience of the personal sense of security being prone to others.

3. Behavior Therapy

Behavior modification is a type of remedy that enables patients to change maladaptive behaviors.

This is a good psychotherapeutic method that specializes in the ideas of operant conditioning

Studies indicate that it has permanent outcomes and may help people obtain milestones in treatment.

Relying on individual personal goals over time, they can learn to control or even prevent viewing pornography obsessively.

4. Cognitive Behavior Therapy

This is a famous type of behavior modification. In cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), the patient’s thoughts and feelings towards sexuality and eroticism are altered in realistic ways. 

They are taught to control their obsessive urge to see porn stuff and stay away from internet pornography.

According to many psychologists in modern times, CBT may be more powerful than medicinal drugs and different forms of other psychotherapies.

Sometimes, acceptance and commitment therapy is a type of CBT that mainly deals with accepting your feelings and thoughts, and innate desires. 

By doing this a person resorts to actions that are compatible with other socially appropriate values.

5. Determination and developing willpower

This mainly deals with the voluntary limit of engaging oneself to temptations and working properly towards self-healing. 

The motto of treatment is to act on the person’s urges and impulses so that they can reduce them in a proper way. You need to set goals keeping in mind how to achieve them. 

The intention is to begin to start to recognize the basics of our very own body’s alert signals and understand the proper way to keep up with them. 

You need to be able to stop a few times to be able to think clearly about the actions.

This, in turn, helps to weaken the brain connections and as a result, the habit chain is weak. It helps us to build a sense of strong self-control and less psychological distress. 

6. Psychodynamic psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is an exquisite way of understanding what made a person increase a porn viewing resulting in addiction.  

This is also sometimes called supportive talk therapy; where a healthcare professional can assist an affected person to recognize their issues with porn. 

There are numerous strategies for psychotherapy, as an individual, in groups, and in family talk therapy. 

With the assistance of a psychologist, a person can learn to perceive what brought about their maladaptive behaviors and unfulfilled needs. 

Within a short period of time, the mental health professional and the client can together chalk out plans to broaden techniques. 

This is to help the individual control his environment and triumph over their addiction to porn. Psychotherapy is likewise powerful for treating simultaneous illnesses at one time. 

This is additionally known as co-morbid issues, such as substance use disorder added with major depressive episodes.

7. Self-coping skills

It is quite hard to deal with porn addiction sometimes.

Even though pornography addiction is a form of dangerous addiction in the old sense a lot of coping mechanisms are available.

Consulting a doctor is also a good solution if the problem is severe.

Mentioned below are things that you can do to help manage if the addictive behavior is distressing you or creating hassles in your life.

Setting achievable goals: Making goal planning is important as any other behavior change.

Also one needs to work hard toward achieving them which is beneficial to get control of the maladaptive behavior. 

Changing surroundings: This is mainly done to avoid getting alerts that might make you relapse into watching porn. Thus you need to make adequate changes.

Talk about it: Only by sharing aspects of your life with a close friend or a partner can help you feel better. You can share what you are feeling and surely you will find some solutions.

Stay active: You feel the need to watch porn only if you have a lot of time.  You need to be active and be engaged in other work so that your mind is productive and does not engage in these behaviors.

Exercise: Only by staying fit, both physically and psychologically you may be benefitted. This will provide perfect body energy management. You may find a way to focus your willpower more healthily.

How to stop pornography addiction (Ways of dealing with pornography addiction)

If you find any of the signs of a porn addiction mentioned below feel close to you, you might probably be dealing with an addiction to porn. 

You need not worry as this can be managed easily. The only thing is that you need to be self-determined and motivated.

1. Self-Insight

You don’t need to have a porn addiction to decide that you are giving up on watching porn. At times, you may be doing so for spiritual or moral motives. 

Sometimes, you may additionally be doing so as it is creating troubles among you and your loved one or truly due to the fact you simply do not need to look at porn. 

2. Accepting the problem 

A lot of individuals tend to keep a porn addiction problem secretive and refuse to seek treatment. 

This is because they think that they will be judged by others.  It is crucial to remember that help is always available. One just needs to ask for it.

3. Remove porn from your life

To stop being distressed due to porn it is important to remove any traces of porn content. This includes any form of physical or cyber evidence of porn material on your computer or in life. 

You need thoroughly cleanse yourself from the contents of porn. You need to find that amount of will and motivation to do so.

If the pornographic material is easily available again, it’s easy to relapse to the previous state. This can be detrimental since you do not wish to be distressed again. 

Thus you need to keep filters on the internet so that you are no longer shown such content.

4. A constant reminder

Having a constant reminder can be great when you are dealing with issues. 

This could be a trustworthy friend or a phone reminder that reminds you of your signs of progress and motivates you in the journey of recovery.

This has been very beneficial in stopping using porn according to many studies.

5. A support network

This helps you to feel connected with others having similar issues. It also aids in your journey of living a good life.  

These support group chains create a secure environment, keep the identity hidden, and offer a non-judgmental atmosphere.

This helps you to share your stories of pornography addiction and hear from others too. 

6. Engage in self-love

De-addicting one can feel like torture. To succeed you may be harsh on yourself.

Engaging in healthy lifestyle practices can help your body to heal faster and motivate you to carry on doing so. 

Unfortunately, on the recovery journey, you sometimes desire to let go and slip back into the old habits.

When you feel this give yourself quick teds talk and continue living healthily.

7. Form a healthy to-do list

You can create your action list where you engage in healthy behaviors.

Such as going for a run, or playing an instrument when you feel the intense craving or urge of watching porn.

This is an excellent method to live healthily and refocus your attention.

When pornography addiction appears too much?

If you view pornography websites at certain times only, it doesn’t make you an addict. This behavior becomes a big problem only in the following circumstances – 

  • If you find that the behavior lacks control. It means you are unable to control the urge.
  • The time spent seeing porn stuff increases continuously.
  • You may feel like experiencing a porn fix that gives you pleasure and satisfies your sexual arousal.
  • Feelings of guilt that comes from watching pornography and spending a lot of time in it, ignoring other things that come in the way.
  • Spending hours on porn websites leads to avoiding responsibilities.
  • You may also want your partner to watch porn and do some acts of sexuality in reality.
  • Obsession with porn fantasies and satisfying one’s erotic feelings.
  • You are unable to enjoy real-life sex and it is hampering your relationships.
  • Inability to resist pornography exposure even if you try it hard.

Pornography addiction recovery – can it happen on its own or does it require professional help always

You can try certain ways at home to overcome your habit of watching and reading porn matter.

Sometimes, your dedication, inner strength, and strong willpower can help you reduce this unhealthy addiction.

But it has also been found that keeping the same level of motivation to avoid porn, or reducing your exposure may not be possible.

In such cases, it is advisable to visit a sex therapist or a psychologist to learn coping skills and use them in your everyday life.

Certain quick check recovery tips that you may use in your daily life to overcome this behavior are as follows:

  • Delete and destroy your hard copy porn stuff.
  • You can put off notification alerts from various pornography websites that may insist you watch porn.
  • You can even ask your friend or family member to install anti-porn software and keep the password with them.
  • Think of what you can do when the urge gets stronger and you cannot avoid pornography exposure. You can divert your attention by spending time with loved ones or having a coffee meeting with friends, starting a hobby, etc.
  • Try to note the immediate triggers and avoid them altogether.
  • Practice mindfulness and do regular physical exercise.
  • Write down your thoughts, triggers, feelings, and urges in a journal. Sometimes, when you write your feelings, it works as therapy. You can actually reduce your immediate feelings of discomfort of not being able to watch pornography.
  • Practice meditation to keep anxieties and worries out of your way.

Viewing pornography is not addictive unless it is excessive, obsessive, and irresistible. If the behavior appears troubling and all-consuming, you can say that you need to look at the matter from all ends before taking a call on whether it is really an addiction or just a passing phase of life.

Pornography addiction test

There are many online pornography tests that you can use to understand whether you really have problematic behavior and whether you need any medical advice.

These online tests are user-friendly but ensure that you visit a reliable and authentic website source for testing and reference.

Many websites have unhealthy links to various tests; avoid clicking them without having enough knowledge of their credibility. 

It is always best to visit a psychologist or trained therapist for the purpose of testing.

You will get to know your exact diagnosis much better than expected.

One such porn addiction test is given here for your reference. 

How does pornography impacts the individual?

If you or your close loved one is already into pornography addiction, it is important to note the negative consequences on the sufferer.

  • It impacts sexual arousal and orgasm
  • The person suffers from anxiety about proper sexual performance
  • The risk of developing sexual offenses that are socially unacceptable
  • Some people also start comparing their real-life sexual partners with actors in porn videos. These unrealistic feelings of inadequacy or lack of beauty in a partner lead to sexual dissatisfaction in the sufferer
  • The person needs new sexual stuff to enjoy and feel satisfied. They do not find pleasure in monotonous sexuality
  • Preoccupation with sexual fantasies

Pornography addiction statistics

There is a dearth of reliable sources about pornography addiction. This is because most addicts do not share their porn secrets unless detected in reality.

Moreover, most of the pornography data are available from anti-porn organizations. Thus, the credibility of the data is under question as far as its biasness is concerned.

Effects of pornography addiction on marriage and couple bonding

Seeing porn stuff once in a while is not damaging. But if it starts affecting your personal relationships with your partner or spouse, it can end the marriage forever.

Sometimes porn habit of a partner leads to divorce or separation.  According to a 2016 study, pornography addiction in married life increased the divorce rate by doubling the number. The numbers increased from 6% to 11%.

Studies have proved that men use more pornography than women. Thus, they get addicted fast and their family life starts to fall apart much sooner than expected. 

Pornography may impact marriages in some specific ways. The impact is always negative and leads to regular fights, verbal abuse, etc.

  • It breaks trust in the relationship. The partner who uses porn usually does it secretly and this impacts the faith in the relationship.
  • Less interest in sex hampers conjugal relationships.
  • Couple intimacy and overall mental satisfaction of being together with a partner decreases.
  • Higher levels of verbal fights.
  • The use of alcohol and other substances can also impact the relationship.
  • Pornography addiction is a serious threat to peace and harmony in family life.
  • In homes where pornography watching is used quite often, it impacts emotional wellness. There is a lack of emotional attachment with the partner.
  • The risk of divorce increases
  • It also decreases the self-esteem of the spouse whose partner is addicted to pornography.
  • Devaluing each other in the relationship

When to see the doctor?

A person with pornography addiction should seek a doctor’s advice if self-help skills fail. Under the below circumstances, professional suggestions are a must.

  1. Losing time and engaging only in watching porn.
  2. Avoiding work and relationships.
  3. Your attempts to manage problems are no longer working.
  4. It is hampering work and relationships.
  5. You have become a bad example for many others around you.
  6. Your mind is overpowered with sexual thoughts about pornography.
  7. You are anxious, guilty, and sad about your obsession with sexuality.
  8. Not stopping pornography use even after having problems in important areas of life
  9. Sexual urges become secretive and unhealthy habits increase.
  10. The person may do anything to hide their pornography activities.

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantMind’

Pornography addiction can be disturbing for the individual as well as for the family.

It is quite natural to feel uncomfortable while speaking up truths about your porn addictive behaviors and thoughts. 

Therefore it is essential that you need to fight with these truths to make sure you get the correct remedy you require. 

With the correct remedy, it would become easy for you to gain a permanent cure for porn addiction and lead to addiction recovery.

Only by accepting your addictive behavior in the open, you can challenge yourself about the pros and cons of such behavior.  

You need to ask important questions about yourself.

These answers will be the perfect guide who will help you to find solutions to make you happier and your lifeless distressing and more active.

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