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The Sedona Method – Letting Go Technique

The Sedona Method – Letting Go Technique

Updated on May 27, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

The Sedona Method - Letting Go Technique & It's Benefits

In the ups and downs of life, many things happen that don’t go with our plan. Many situations arise that weaken our soul and many dreams are seen that are never realized. The normal course of life gives rise to many such hurts.

Some people are able to accept them and move on in their life. But some continuously find themselves in the cage of their past. For these people, the Sedona method can prove to be the sacred elixir.

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Letting Go with the Sedona Method
Letting Go with the Sedona Method

What is ‘The Sedona Method’?

Sedona method is a simple but effective new-age technique that improves one’s natural ability to let go. It is a powerful method that helps people release their emotional baggage.

The Sedona method has worked for thousands of people from popular actresses to world-famous authors. All of the followers of this simple practice have been able to let go of their emotional wounds. Now, they have turned into the strongest advocates of the Sedona Method. 

It is a simple method that involves some simple exercises. These simple exercises allow people to release their emotional baggage. The Sedona method came about when it was discovered that past emotional baggage weighs heavier and longer for some people.

Further, not being able to release emotional hurt leads to a paralyzed state of gloom.

The best thing about the Sedona method is that it can be done by anyone. Since it is a simple practice, the technique can be practiced anywhere and at any time.

The Birth of the ‘Sedona Method’

The powerful method of letting go was developed by a person named Lester Levenson. Lester Levenson was a successful physicist and entrepreneur. He had achieved almost all the worldly success in life. But in his personal life, Lester was a very depressed and unhealthy man.

In 1952, Lester Levenson had suffered a heart attack. His health had deteriorated to such an extent that his doctor had sent him home to die at the age of 42.

During this time, Lester reviewed his entire life and pondered in several philosophies. He realized he was happiest in his life when he loved others rather than when he received love from others.

This realization pushed Lester towards the discovery that negative and suppressed emotions were the root of all problems. Plus, when one lets go of their negative feelings and emotions they feel light and free from all troubles.

Lester himself practiced several methods to release his negativity and suppressed emotions. After trying out endless methods he was successful in putting up a system that effectively worked for everyone. Today we know this system as the Sedona method.

The Sedona method had worked for Lester. He was able to fully recover from his heart attack and went on to live a very long life. Even at the end, he went to heaven in bliss without experiencing pain.

Over time the Sedona method was refined and developed further. Hale Dwoskin and Larry Crane are the people who are accredited with its popularity and improvement.

How Does the Sedona Method Work?

The Sedona Method is a process of releasing painful or unwanted feelings. Here, 3 approaches are adopted that will eventually lead to the release of suppressed emotions

1st approach: In the first approach people have to choose to let go of painful feelings.

2nd approach: The 2nd approach is to allow oneself to feel their emotions and let the emotions be.

3rd approach: In the 3rd approach people are encouraged to explore the core of the emotions.

A Simple Exercise to Understand the Sedona Method

The method can be explained with a simple exercise. The exercise involves a person holding a small object, for example, a pen. The person has to stretch out their hands in the front while holding the pen.

Here the pen represents the unwanted feeling or hurt. It represents any feeling that weighs upon the person and is holding him back. The tight grip of the hand is imagined to be the person’s consciousness and gut.

As one holds the pen for long it starts to get uncomfortable. The person is now asked to loosen their grip and roll the pen. As one rolls the pen, they are asked to observe that they are the ones holding on to the pen.

The pen is in no way attached to the person. It only remains on the hand until the person is holding the pen. It is not a part of the person.

This simple exercise draws an analogy with life. People might say “I am angry or I am sad,” but the truth is, their feelings do not define them. They are not their feelings.

This simple exercise tries to make a person realize that it is they who are in control. It is they who are controlling their feelings. It is not the other way round. Further, it is up to the person who decides how long he wants to hold onto the feelings.

At the end of the exercise, people are asked to let go of the pen. The pen then drops to the ground. This simple act also represents how easy and simple it is to let go of one’s painful feelings.

The Hollowness of Negative Emotions

The Sedona Method is a powerful tool to uncover your natural ability to let go of negativity. There is no other method which enables people to let go of their emotion on the spot.

The reason why the Sedona method works so beautifully is that it encourages people to dive into the very core of the unwanted emotion.

When people magnify the unwanted feeling they realize that there is a sense of emptiness in it. They realize the uncomfortable emotion is just a surface phenomenon. There is nothing deep to it.

It is similar to the above experiment where people can put their full focus on carrying the pen. But when they try to magnify the pen and try to reach down to its depth. They just find spaces between atoms at the molecular level.

This makes one realize that most of life’s anxiety, emotional wound, anger, sadness, and frustration are just a surface phenomenon. They are comparable to a soap bubble that exists just on the surface.

The unwanted feelings are as fragile as a soap bubble which can be easily popped with a mere touch.

Sedona Method Steps to Release Emotions

The Sedona Method can be carried out anytime during the day. You just need some quiet time for it.

Step 1: Focus your mind on a problem that is bothering you. Allow yourself to feel whatever emotions that issue is generating within you.

Most of the time, we just oscillate between the past and present feelings. We think about our past experience or worry about future outcomes. But the reality is if we want to alter the way we feel about something we have to focus on it at the present.

Hence, focus on any issue that is bothering you and allow yourself to feel the emotions that it brings in you.

Allowing yourself to feel the feelings in the present is necessary if you want to get rid of it. It is only in the present moment that you can do anything about the unwanted feeling.

These feelings do not need to be grand ones. It can be as simple as filling numb, blank, or heavy. You need to become aware of the feeling at the moment to let go of the bad emotions.

You will need to do this multiple times. With time, you will get better at this exercise.

Step 2: Answer one of the three below given questions

  • Can I allow myself to let this go?
  • Can I release this emotion?
  • Can I accept this feeling?

These three are very simple questions and the answer to them also needs to be simple. You can choose to answer both ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Do not engage in any internal debate regarding these questions. Both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ are acceptable answers here.

Answering ‘no’ to the questions won’t be a hurdle in your path of letting go. Accept the answer that first crops up in your mind. Regardless of your answer, move towards step number 3.

Step 3: Regardless of which question you chose, ask yourself if you are willing to let it go?

Recall why you started with this exercise in the first place. Focus on your reasons. Try to see that you want to let go of the heaviness and the burden of these emotions.

After you have done this ask yourself the following question:

Are you willing to let go of these feelings?

Even here, both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers are acceptable. Do not start a debate within. Give yourself two options to choose from at this point.

Ask yourself if you are willing to hold onto the feelings and feel its pain or are you ready to let it go to be free?

Again, regardless of your answer, proceed to step 4.

Step 4: Again, answer the question: When?

Step 4 is the time when you allow yourself to let go. Here you decide on a time when you will finally release your unwanted emotions. Here you decide when you will let yourself be free from the burden.

You can pick any time to let go. It is your call to decide when to release the emotions.

Step 5: Repeat the above 4 steps until you are free of the emotional burden

When you first do this exercise you may not see much difference. If that is the case then carry out the above steps until you feel lighter. Continue doing them until you feel a part of the emotions being released.

As you repeat the steps, observe that your unwanted feelings are peeling away layer after layer. When you reach this stage, allow yourself to feel light and feel free. Accept that whatever emotions have been released from your consciousness has gone for good.

Sedona Method Benefits

This self-healing practice has brought a change in many people’s lives. Some renowned people who are the strongest advocates of the Sedona method are:

  1. Actress Mariel Hemingway, who is also the author of the book ‘Finding My Balance.’
  2. Author Cheryl Richardson who wrote ‘Stand Up for Your Life & Take Time for Your Life’
  3. The world-famous coauthor of self-improvement book ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul,’ Jack Canfield.

All the notable personalities in the self-help community have acknowledged the remarkable impact of this method. They consider the Sedona method to be a front runner that allows emotional healing.

The Sedona method retreats are frequently organized. People from all over the world come to attend these retreats and have talked about its amazing results.

Some of the benefits of undergoing Sedona training are:

  1. The Sedona method allows people to deal with their daily anxiety and stress in life.
  2. It educates people on how they should live their life.
  3. This practice removes the emotional battle going on within a person. It shows the way to bring peace and serenity in life.
  4. People have said that regular practice of the Sedona method has helped them get clarity in life.
  5. The Sedona method has enabled people to discover who they really are.
  6. People have reported that this self-healing method has empowered them to respond to adverse situations in life in a calm manner.
  7. It has allowed people to accept themselves along with their flaws.
  8. Sedona method improves every area of a person’s life namely career, relationships, and spiritual growth.
  9. People have reported that they feel more at ease in their minds.
  10. The Sedona method gives a sense of freedom.

Why Try ‘The Sedona Method’?

The Sedona method brings on some life-changing results in a person’s life. It brings forth a state that people try to achieve their whole life-A a sense of freedom and a state of peace. It is a simple yet powerful way to stop worrying.

All the people who have taken this course have admitted to the amazing feeling this method bestows. By getting rid of emotional wounds, the release of worries, and stress, people finally feel open to life.

The best part of this method is that it is self-administered and the results are almost immediate. Practicing it every day can make releasing unwanted emotions as second nature. This allows people to let go of emotional burdens that weigh upon their consciousness.

Accumulation of emotional burden and worries over time can slow down our efficiency and productivity in life.

The Sedona method should be practiced by anyone who is feeling overburdened with life. If the activities of your days are draining you then you must give a chance to the Sedona method.

Another big reason to practice Sedona training is to let go of suppressed emotions. It has been found in studies that suppressing emotions for long or ignoring unwanted emotions can put physical stress on the body.

Over time this can lead to varied mental and physical issues. In such cases, the Sedona method can protect people from different diseases.

When to Do ‘The Sedona Method’?

The Sedona Method can be done at any time by anyone. This is more than a releasing technique. Besides the long term emotional burden, this method can also help people overcome their daily worries. Thus, the Sedona method is recommended for everyone.

One can start practicing the Sedona method whenever they realize that they need to let go of past feelings. There is no right time for starting this method. Every moment is the right time.

People having emotional baggage should start practicing this method every day. This practice can be started whenever one realizes that it is time to move ahead in life.

The Sedona method course can be taken in seminars. People who are serious about practicing it can also go for buying the entire course. For long-lasting results, it is advisable to work with the Sedona method audio program.

Final Thoughts

The Sedona method shows you how to uncover your natural ability to let go. It empowers your inbuilt ability to release negative and uncomfortable emotions. This is a 3 step accepting method that allows you to welcome every type of emotion.

It causes a flow of emotions within you. By bringing you face to face with the feelings you have been suppressing, the Sedona training finally lets you release the negativity from your life.

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